Weintraub Recycling crushes and supplies a variety of recycled construction materials to customers across the entire Tampa Bay area. Look at our selection below, and if you need anything you see, contact us for pricing and availability

57 rock with measuring triangle

57 Rock / Pipe Bedding

#57 rock is one of the most commonly-used materials we supply. It can be used for gravel drives, or as a base for sidewalks, roadways, railways, etc. 57 rock can also be easily used for pipe bedding.

3-8ths rock with measuring triangle

3/8" Fines / Paver Base

3/8" fine fill material is an excellent smaller fill product that is well-served in places with heavy foot traffic. It compacts well and drains easily.

road base with measuring triangle

1 1/2" Minus / Road Base

1 1/2 Minus rock is created from crushed concrete and rock. It compacts well, and is often used as a base for roads. It contains some small, fine sediment in addition to the rock itself.

rip rap with measuring triangle

#4 Rock / Ballast Stone

#4 rock is composed of chunks around 2 - 4" in size, roughly the size of a baseball. A bit larger than the 57 rock but used for similar purposes. Good for drainage, erosion control, and soil prevention for truck in truck out on construction sites.

Crushed Asphalt

Similar to asphalt millings, crushed asphalt is used for driveways, parking lots, roadways and other high traffic areas. Once compacted, this product will be suitable for all types of applications.

rip rap recycled crushed concrete

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is made of large, roughly basketball-sized chunks of scrap concrete and is used largely to protect shorelines from wave erosion.

fill dirt

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is an affordable and dense way to fill and level uneven areas. It is generally low in nutrients, making it less suitable to plant growth than topsoil.

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